William and Michael from the Artisian cafe known as "Will & Mikes" started from humble beginnings, with a passion for learning and progressing in the hospitality industry.

Gourmet Fare Catering Starting as a mom & dad operation in 2003 (George & Irene). Since then, they established a sound business specializing in pretty much everything this includes; weddings, private functions, cafe, restaurants, corporate, etc. Will and Mike worked through Gourmet Fare Catering to eventually establish Will & Mike's artisan cafe. Will & Mike intend to be industry leaders in the future.

- We've always pursued a quest to find the freshest and most authentic food to tickle the sensations and envelope the taste buds.

Sydney-ites our whole lives, we live in the best most multicultural city on the planet. We love the inspirational pursuit of the multicultural melting pot. The flavour's stemming from the "melting pot" is filled with love, inspiration and hope. Food brings the world together. Join us in our quest.